At Creativeworks-Design, we are extremely happy to work with Tony Monday of Tony’s World. An awesome personality that you will love to see. Having come to us with a small idea and we have helped create a whole new brand that he never thought would be possible. Initially needing a website for his business book recently released “A Simple Man’s Plan To Success”, we created exactly that. Through the design and devleopment stages of the website, we had many meetings and discussions with Tony about how he would like to further increase his book sales and reach out to his customer base.

After our team brainstorming, we have come up with a whole new marketing plan for Tony and have now created his website and channel Tony’s World. Tony’s World is a weekly web series from Tuesday-Thursday discussing all topics related to business, adventure, medical, etc. Anything interesting and exciting he wants to talk about. Interacting with the audience to create further discussions is the goal. His interest is for people to ask questions so that he is able to respond with answers that will help people relate and gain valuable knowledge from the webinar session.

Also, having guests on the show from various professions discussing their expertise and how it relates to the popular topics of the world today. Tony’s World aims at providing a one stop environment to attract new age digital advertising along with popular discussion content via Live Stream so you get the best interactivity possible.


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